The Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses


Small businesses are the biggest job creators in the world. Hundreds of small businesses start every month, but only a few survive beyond the second year. A business can survive even tough times by efficiently using its resources. If there is too much paperwork, it will slow down a business’s ability to stay competitive. So it is important to maximize productivity while minimizing time wastage.

A good accounting software can minimize a lot of tasks in a small company. Integrating Invoice system with inventory and connecting those systems to an accounting software can reduce a lot of duplicate work and manual efforts. Some accounting software can do all the above or provide integration with other software to make the whole process seamless and fast.

There are hundreds of accounting software for small businesses. So we came up with a list of the best of the breed.

  1. ZohoBooks

If you are a micro-business, try ZohoBooks, a free software that is filled with everything you need. When you grow bigger, you can upgrade to a paid plan. It integrates with a lot of other accounting and inventory applications. Even its paid subscription is cheaper than most of its competitors.

  1. FreshBooks

If you are a one-person business or in the service sector like a beautician, masseur, or a lawyer, FreshBooks gives you the most important tool of all, Invoicing. You can input the billable hours, set up a recurring invoice, payment reminders, etc.

  1. Wave Financial

Wave Financial offers its cloud-based service for free. You get a full-featured software for no cost and they also have a credit card processing ability on a pay as you go basis, making it a good deal. There are no restrictions on the usage either. Subscribing to financial services like payment processing will also get you free support.